Welcome to our affiliate-program

Our Affiliate Partner Program offers website owners the opportunity to recommend BLOOM’s products on their sites and receive attractive commissions for doing so.

Whether you have a small or large website, whether you are a blogger, author or news site operator, anyone can join our affiliate program. The most important thing for us and your conversions is whether the content of your website matches the thematic orientation of the BLOOM’s store. We review each application individually, but reserve the right to reject the application.

The affiliate program is free. If you have registered for our Affiliate Partner Program, you will get access to a wealth of banners and text links. You can embed them on your page. When a user clicks on one of these links, they are redirected to our store and their activity is recorded by our affiliate program. If this user makes a purchase, you will receive a commission!

You can check your account at any time, on a daily basis, to see all the sales you have brokered through your advertising media.

The BLOOM’s affiliate program will be activated shortly. Just drop by again!