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Autumn is here! And with it almost endless possibilities for colorful decorations. Ulrike Schmidt knows that, too. The freelance florist has a special passion for natural materials of all kinds and is particularly happy to be creative with them during the colorful season. In her book "Herbst - über 70 DIY-Ideen aus meiner Blumenwerkstatt" (Autumn - over 70 DIY ideas from my flower workshop), she has put together impressive inspirations in which treasures from the garden and found objects from nature play the main role. The nine different chapters show, among other things, stunning table decorations with seasonal fruits and wreaths - sometimes colorful and lush, sometimes very subtle and delicate. In addition, there are small souvenirs that bring a smile to everyone's face as well as flower arrangements with lots of color power, small upcycling ideas and much more. The many illustrated step-by-step instructions help you to do it yourself. In addition, there are precise material lists and tips. And best of all, the numerous inspirations are not only aimed at crafting experts, but also introduce the inexperienced to the world of being creative with flowers and plants.

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