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PRAXIS Daily Business package No. 8

Take advantage of our benefit packages! In this package No. 8 you receive "Flower arrangement ideas for saying "I love you" and "thank you"" + "Flower arrangements for spring and summer" + "Floral decorations for business premises" + "Floral arrangements for autumn and winter" +"Floral decorations for bloomy tables" + "Inspiring floral ideas for magnificent bouquets" + "Floral gift and small present ideas" for a special price. The "Daily Business" series of books showcases the BLOOM's studio team's best ideas for ordinary daily business arrangements for professional florists, garden centres and nurseries that sell to the public. They are not only creative and designed to impress; it is also important that they can be realised using as few materials as possible, in larger numbers and save time. Numerous technique and creative tips as well as step by step instructions and ideas for variations

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