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BLOOM's VIEW World 1/2017

Language Version: English


While it is still winterly cold and grey outside we start the new year with our current issue of BLOOM’s VIEW World. Special: It is now bilingual german and english. So let’s celebrate the new year with a floristical firework full of ideas, blossoms, colors and inspirational designs. We present the upcoming trends in 2017 and show you some floristic ideas in a top format.

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Highlights: Five new upcoming trends in 2017 Spread Love - On Valentine’s day, Mother’s Day or in between Served outdoors - the summer party Floristic room divider - long lasting and creative Yellow summer flowers - with presentation tips Also: Exhibition and event calendar from January till July 2017


Artikelnummer BLV-20171A
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Produktdetails 176 pages, Format 23.5 x 33 cm, text English, ISBN 978-3-945429-83-9
Datum 02.01.2017